Brand naming in China

Giving your company a name in China can seem tricky. Indeed, many companies have discovered issues when translating their name or their slogan in China. This is the reason why brand naming in China has so much importance.

Whether it is Airbnb’s new name or Pepsi’s slogan, literal translation hardly ever work in China, as different sounds will mean two very different things. Indeed, the Chinese language is very challenging for foreign companies, who do not always rely on the best services available to name their company. What’s more, Mandarin will not be the only language that companies will need to be wary of: China has very distinct dialects depending on the region. For companies that plan to sell all over China, that is another challenge to face.

Chinese people will never hesitate to point out the mistake a company makes when it comes to Chinese mishaps, it is important to verify time and time again that your brand name in Mandarin is not compromising for you. Whether it is a double entendre, a grammar mistake or a completely unknown word, Chinese customers will not want to associate with your products if they think you cannot correctly name your company.

What’s more, image matters in China a lot more than anywhere else in the world. Your Chinese name will be the first thing customers will learn about you, as Chinese names will often have a translation, and will also need to sound like your original name. That is why your brand naming in China will matter so much.

Thankfully, even if your Chinese name has no possible translation, it can still mean something for your customers. Whether it is your logo, your product’s quality or your impeccable service, these will also matter to Chinese people, and that is another important aspect to work on.