Social Media Intelligence in China

Social Medias in China are big. Very big. Over 850 million Chinese use their smartphone daily, and WeChat, the most prominent Chinese social media has over 700 million Daily users. And Chinese people are very active on their social

Whether it is micro-blogging on Weibo or looking at a brand on WeChat, Chinese people tend to spend a lot of time on social medias and get involved a lot. Brands have therefore discovered that the simplest mistake can end up creating a wave of opposition or support from netizens.

But how to actually measure your brand impact on such a large crowd? How to effectively see the ROI? There is so much data to analyze you cannot have a good look at the results. And that is when consulting firms can help you. By using their own tools, these firms can give you social media intelligence in China, and help you understand your followers, what they want and what you can provide them with.

As Chinese people get more and more digital, social media intelligence in China will become priceless. With the possibility of Facebook re-entering China in the next few years, social medias will rise to become an important source of data for companies, who will need all the help they can find to turn in into actionable intel.