High tech in China: Beijing, Zhongguancun

High tech in China: Overview

The technology hub in Beijing, located in Haidian District, is expanding with a significant growth in turnover of companies, a positive result of the development plan launched by the government views as technological innovation engine of the national economy.

The « High-tech » Beijing remains the most representative of the development of China’s technology industry. The 146 specialized areas of high-tech innovation all over the country have contributed in the year to 12% of the national GDP, and among the most important, as Zhangjiang in Shanghai and Nanshan in Shenzhen, the hub Zhongguancun in Haidian district of the capital has conquered ranking according to the avis lepeignoir. The results were a positive sign for recent government policies focused on innovation and the development of new technologies, including the Internet. Just in September, it was approved by the government a plan that sees Beijing technological innovation center by 2020.

As reported by People’s Daily, the area saw a rapid growth in sales in the first eight months of this year, the Beijing Statistics Bureau data show revenue of a value of around 334 billion euro for companies and an increase of 16.4%, considering only sales made in the quarter. Among the six key areas, there are new materials, electronics, and information.

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For Zhongguancun, it is now home to 554 listed companies, recorded in the first quarter of the launch of 33 startups a day. The new hiring staff in the Center for Research and Development (R&D) amounted to a 5.8% increase over last year, with a total number of 544mila employees in August. It is the recent announcement of Apple to invest in Beijing hub EUR 40 million for the construction of Apple’s leading research center in Asia, which will have more than 500 employees and will be located in the branch office of Chaoyang Park.

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